The National Council on Economic Education recommends the following content standards for high school economics courses.  Suggested activities from and other websites are listed next to each standard.  

  1. Scarcity  (Also see:  Opportunity Cost:  A Primer)

    Birka, Debate:  School uniforms, Saving Lives with Economics


  2. Marginal Cost/Benefit (Also see:  Marginalism:  A Primer)



  3. Allocation of Goods and Services  (Also see:  Allocating Goods & Services:  A Primer)



  4. Role of Incentives   

    The Law of Unintended Consequences, The Economics of Fashion 


  5. Gain from Trade



  6. Specialization and Trade


  7. Markets--Price and Quantity Determination  


  8. Role of Price in Market System  (See also:  Elasticity:  A Primer)

    The Frozen Price Game, Supply and Demand Drill, ThinkEconomics:  Changes in Supply, Demand, and Market Equilibrium.


  9. Role of Competition  


  10. Role of Economic Institutions  

    Stock Market Game


  11. Role of Money  

    The Money Creation Simulation


  12. Role of Interest Rates  

    Joe wins the lottery


  13. Role of Resources in Determining Income  (Also see:  Supply & Demand in Labor Markets)

    The Wage is Right!


  14. Profit and the Entrepreneur


  15. Growth  

    Turn your Calculator into a Time Machine


  16. Role of Government  (Also see:  Externalities:  A Primer and Competition and Market Power:  A Primer)

    The Distributive Justice Game, The Problem with Regulations


  17. Using Cost/Benefit Analysis to Evaluate Government Programs  

    Debate:  Recycling, Debate:  Motorcycle helmets, Saving Lives with Economics


  18. Macroeconomy-Income/Employment, Prices


  19. Unemployment and Inflation  

    Spending and Output Strings, Wizard of Oz, Creating a Student Price Index


  20. Monetary and Fiscal Policy   

The National Budget Simulation, Budget Explorer, Look Who's Footing the Bill!


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